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Coaching session of 1 hour for 50€ instead of 60€

Coaching session of 1 hour for 50€ instead of 60€

An opportunity to explore “stuck”-things you want to change in your life but feel stuck with at the moment

This session will accelerate your progress and re-motivate you

What a year 2020 has been – many of us have faced new challenges and have been forced to make changes, test our reliance and even our financial security may have been threatened. Stress can sometimes be useful, but in times like these many of us are feeling less than mentally wealthy!

At The Learning-studio and Mindful Living Mallorca we aim to enhance our life experiences – through learning about ourselves and how others may perceive us and react to us. With a unique blend of coaching techniques; mindfulness practices and Acceptance and Commitment training, we offer you the ability to tap into your own resources, notice opportunities and become unstuck.

We can help to bring clarity, focus and motivation to the life changes you wish to make. We can support you through a personal transformation so that you feel free to live your life, your way, and to live it to the full. 

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Phone: +34 619 726 728 or 00447909803085

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